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Huge selection, most ‘while you wait’

A large selection of bindings await you at Copy Clara at Luisenstr. 45, Berlin.
Whether ring-, perfect- or book-binding, you will find find the right binding for every kind of job at Copy Clara.
Our fast service gives your diploma thesis, dissertation or conference folder a professional look in no time.

Adhesive binding

  • in size A5, A4, A3
  • up to 450 sheets
  • with matt frontfoil and blue or black textured backcover


  • up to size A3
  • inclusive round-hole punching and loop
  • wire color: silver-colored

Hardcover Binding

  • in size A4
  • up to 290 sheets
  • with stamping on the book cover possible go to processing
  • A4 Book colors from 10-140 sheets: black, blue, claret 
  • A4 Book color from 140-290 sheets: blue 
  • A5 Book color: black

Paperback Binding

Minimum order 5 bindings; production time: up to 1 day.  

  • Up to size A4
  • Up to 400 sheets
  • With individual cover layout

Saddle Stitching / Booklet Production

  • Booklet production in final size
    A5, A6 (landscape and portrait), A4 (portrait) DIN long and intermediate size
  • Saddle stich booklet up to 120 pages or 30 sheets
  • With 3-side-trimming
  • With booklet squarefold pressing you achieve a professional visual appeal

Steelbookbinding / Unibind

  • In size A4
  • 75 to 160 sheets
  • cover color: dark blue marbled
  • with stamping on the book cover possible go to processing

Tape Binding

  • up to size A4
  • up tp 330 sheets
  • Tape Bind colors: black, white, red, blue


  • up to size A3 and non-standard size
  • up to 350 sheets
  • Wire color: silver-colored
  • choose separate front and back covers and foils



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Luisenstraße 45 • 10117 Berlin

Monday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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